Monday, February 19, 2018

Housemates Reshuffled Into New Pairs

Big Brother certainly serves more drama than the Ohafia and Abiriba village Housewives put together and he’s proven his culinary skills countless times. These new pairs however, best dish yet.

Cee-C and Lolu

Cee-C and Lolu got to feel the stings of these unlikely pairs just as Biggie announced his Wager verdict. It was certainly a bitter-sweet moment for the duo whose fate was dully announced right there and then, supressing the celebratory mood just a few feet away. Although they’d hoped Biggie would lift this cloud away and have them return to their original pairs, the oga had a differently sized pepper in his bag of tricks. He let it rain again as the Housemates awaited the new pairing.

Anto and Miracle 

Miracle had us feeling some type of way when he chose Anto and walked away smiling, while Nina floated away in the empty vacuum of her thoughts, seeing her bae being dragged away from their little paradise. Except, he’s the one that did the dragging. The dynamics didn’t change much for neutral old Anto who’s proven that she’s all about the game and would therefore play it with whoever she had on her team.

Bambam and Rico Swavey

These newly painted walls had Bambam lowkey wailing like she did yesterday when all she could inhale was the stench of Eviction left by Van-Dee and Prito. She obviously couldn’t imagine herself walking a few metres without Teddy A nailed to her hip. Rico Swavey quickly popped that little balloon and she obliged. This might not be as bad as seems though because if you recall, the two had a vibe about them and this might just have them rekindle it.

Ahneeka and Angel

The Ahneeka and Angel pair just had us silently reciting the ‘Roses are red’ poem and hearing distant wedding bells. Angel swept the girl off her feet and she flew right into his hands, maybe happy that she was actually someone’s first choice and not paired by default. Need we remind you of the Dee-One rejection? After all, Angel has been making advances, like literally manufacturing the advances because even if she had to slap him with it, Angel wouldn’t take a no for an answer. Jumbo borrowed us his trunk and we smell romance.

Tobi and Alex 

Judging by the amount of ‘hate’ Cebi has been served, Tobi, although very into Cee-C seemed to let out a sigh of relief when the Cee-C/Lolu pair was announced as indefinite. His natural bounce gave him away and we wouldn’t be surprised if he later apologises to Cee-C for looking ‘excited’ about being paired to Alex. However, he seems to have separated his individual game from their ‘relationship’. Alex was a bit reluctant but slapped Tobi with the ‘yes I will’ rose anyway.

Ifu Ennada and Leo

To put it plainly, Leo had no choice but to go for Ifu Ennada as it was either than or roll with half of camp Mina. He’s mentioned how weak Nina was in a couple of diary session and picking her would have been equivalent to bombing his own ‘credibility’. Ifu Ennada went along with the direction of the wind and accepted Leo as her strategic partner with zero signs of resistance or regret. The conversation they had later showed just how much more she's invested in the Game. 

Nina and Teddy A

As fate would have it, Teddy A and Nina were paired by default. This left us somewhat indifferent because judging by the way he dully described his relationship with Bambam as ‘strictly' game related and completely disconnected from his actual reality, Teddy A might have been caught off guard by his subsequent pairing with Nina, but he certainly isn’t that worried about being away from Bambam. Nina however seems completely devastated by the reshuffles. It makes us all wonder what her ‘bounce back’ strategy is, if she has one.

It's pretty obvious that this new pairing has distabalised the Housemates' individual games and brought about a certain degree of discomfort. Adding salt to the wound already badly infected by last night's double Eviction. It certainly will be difficult to adjust. Will the romance sparked from the previous pairings still ignite glowing splinters or have they also been dissolved? 
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Sunday, February 18, 2018

How Nigeria Voted: Week 3

Following the drama that Big Brother Naija 'Double Wahala' brought to us this evening – the first set of housemates to be evicted from the show and the disqualification of K.Brule and Khloe – here's how Nigeria voted for their favourite pairs during week 3 of the show.

1. Mina (Miracle and Nina) - 28.5%

2. BamTeddy (Bambam and Teddy A) - 21.6%

3. Loto (Lolu and Anto) - 15.2%

4. Cebi (Cee-C and Tobi) - 13.5%

5. Rineeka (Rico Swavey and Ahneeka) - 11.6%

6. Angelifu (Angel and Ifu Ennada) - 3.99%

7. Prito (Princess and Bitto) - 3.05%

8. Van-Dee (Vandora and Dee-One) - 2.98%
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Evictions: Princess, Bitto, Vandora & Dee-One Are Out

Big Brother Naija never disappoints when it comes to a Live Show and tonight was no different. From superstar performances, Evictions and all the usual glitz and glam, tonight was a night to remember.

Tonight it was Prito (Princess, Bitto) and Van-Dee (Vandora, Dee-One) who were Evicted from the Big Brother Naija House. It was a thrilling and emotional 90 minutes.

Just to really kick things off in style, Oritsefemi slayed the stage, performing the Double Wahala theme song with traditional dancers in tow, it was sheer viewing pleasure. 

Ebuka, who was dressed to the nines as usual, addressed the fact that the entire House was up for Eviction (excluding LeoLex who were saved by HoH). It was bitter sweet running through Khloe's reign as this week's HoH seeing as though she is now disqualified along with partner K.Brule.

Next up was the infamous Double Strike that took place on Thursday for Lolu and Cee-C, Ebuka chatted to a few of the Housemates about the dramatic week that took place in the House. Angel told Ebuka that he sees Ahneeka as his "rock" in the House.

The week that was made for a myriad of love, hate, secrets, strategies and birthdays to boot. There was no shortage of entertainment from our 20 Housemates as they went through all the motions.

The first pair to leave the House was the ever vibrant Prito. It was a tense moment as Ebuka first saved Rihneeka and Mina, he then delivered the news that shook everyone to their core. Everyone bid them a beautiful farewell and they exited the House with grace. 

After running through the rather puzzling Arena games, Ebuka moved on to the second Eviction. BamTeddy and Loto were named as safe as we were left on the edge of our seats and taken through the week's Task of being "tied together" as well as the Wager win.

Mr 2Kay then took the stage by storm and performed both "Belema" and "Banging" looking stylish and being extra wavy with his dance moves. 

The Housemates were visibly shook as Ebuka announced that Van-Dee would be the second pair to leave the House. After some tears and an emotionally charged goodbye, they exited the House and joined Ebuka on Stage.

What was your favourite moment of tonight's Live Show?
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BREAKING: K.Brule and Khloe Disqualified

The Housemates seem to have a problem following Biggie's rules and this evening it all came to a head when he issued three Strikes to Khloe, K.Brule and Dee-One for provocation.

Sticks and Stones

Khloe took it too far when she decided to provoke K.Brule last night with some harsh words. Due to this offense of provocation, Big Brother gave Khloe a Strike, putting the pair on two Strikes but this time her lack of tact dragged her into the worst punishment Big Brother could give, dismissal from the House. This is thanks in part to the behaviour of her partner.

Bad Attitude

Tonight was not a good one for the pair of K_Squared, K.Brule, who has been openly emotional and sensitive throughout his time in the House also pushed Big brother too far. Last night, after threatening to assault Dee-One as well as being called to the Diary Room numerous times and still not responding, eventually having to get carried by his fellow Housemates to the Diary room. This act of utter defiance, put the pair on three Strikes which is what led to them being disqualified from the House.

Stirring the Pot

Biggie was not playing any games this evening, it is time that the Housemates fully realised that this is Big Brother’s House and they need to follow his rules. A Strike was issued to Housemate Dee-One for his constant provocation in the House.

Things are getting very real, very fast in the House – What do you think of tonight’s Strikes?
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BBNaija Double Wahala Week 3 Review

Ahneeka's Greatest Hits

As per usual, this week was nothing short drama. Ahneeka seemed to have gained her very own hit status considering how persistent Angel had been in his display of affection. No later did Rico Swavey, prompted by the fact that other pairs have a certain level of intimacy, hope Ahneeka would run along with his 'let's fondle' idea. Little did he know that the cookie jar was sealed and the key thrown out. Lolu’s secret Task was sill underway and he seemed to be having some success with Vandora and maybe a pinch with Ahneeka.

No Eviction, No Stress 

The relief from finding out that there was infact no Eviction brought an air of renewed confidence that seemed to have a life span shorter than that of a match stick.  The fact that the men were dully disqualified from taking part in the HoH qualifiers due to their blatant disregard for the rules further salted the wound as many had their eyes fiercely fixed on the throne that brought immunity along with it; which was eventually bagged by Khoe. Her reign was met with a lot of occult boos and a certain level of resistance. However, this reign although accompanied by its fair share of quarrels, proved to be effective as they managed to bag their Wager for the first time. Kudos to them. 

It's Still a Race

The real Nominations made the Housemates realise that they couldn’t dodge the Eviction bullet any longer and this brought about an air of discomfort and a little scheming amongst the Housemates. Biggie then dropped a bomb on an already compromised field when he announced that all the pairs would be up for possible Eviction. The queen did however lighten the burden for team LeoLex as they were handed immunity on a silver platter.

Bonded, Love Up and At a Loss

To celebrate the week of love and possibly promote the emotion amongst the Housemates, Biggie had them all bonded to persons either than their original pairs. This resulted in an unusual friendship between Cee-C and Lolu that saw an array of confessions never heard before and a disagreement that lead to the awarding of a double Strike that further compromised their strategic positions. There was yet another set of rules that were broken during their newly paired mingles that resulted in a rather 'wet' punishment courtesy of Big Brother.

Valentines day came along and lifted away the dark cloud that hung over the House. The men took over the kitchen, delivering mouth-watering noddle dishes and added to that by serenading the ladies with sweet little nothings. These seem to have had the desired effect as Tobi and Cee-C had their very first kiss. Goodbye to curves and resistance. However, never mentioned before details about external romantic relationships in the Diary Room were the highlight of this auspicious occasion.

The Housemates were treated to another 'Loss buffet' as they colectively failed to complete the puzzle relay during the Friday night games. This increased the amount of pressure and the party was not as highly anticipated as it should have been as the Hosemates realised just how much closer they were to losing some of their own. 

Like in the real world, reality cannot be dodged or escaped, it simply always has its way. The weeks to follow will be the Housemate's heaviest yet as they would have experienced the very first Evictions and would inevitably have to anticipate that of their own. Stakes have been risen and so will claws be sharpened and backs stabbed but the question is, will the Housemates finally get their big strategic guns out and aim purposefully?  
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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Showered With Love

What a week it's been so far, with all the Nominations, Wager wins, Double Strikes and Arena Game losses - There also happened to be three Birthdays in the House this week.

Alex turns 22

Alex just happened to have her big day in the same day that the Housemates won their first ever Wager so it was celebrations all round in the Big Brother Naija House. In true Biggie style she received a cake on the morning of her birthday and the Housemates went into a full blown creaming competition, smashing cake into each other’s faces and having a god time. Later that night they proceeded to win their Wager and were rewarded, but due to Cee-C and Lolu’s Double Strike, there was a mixed mood in the House. The Birthday girl was asleep early and then became a source of support to the stressed out Lolu which the other Housemates were surprised by seeing as though they were all drinking and being merry.

Showered with Love

The funny guy and the charmer shared a birthday today and after a bit of a lay in this morning, Biggie promptly woke them up and instructed they go outside. Maybe it was the vibe in the House or the excitement for the party tonight that had everyone so riled up but everyone attempted to tie the guys down and hose them full force. It was all laughs and smiles while Miracle and Dee-One were literally getting drenched and following their impromptu shower, Biggie also gave them two cakes. The Housemates all sang and danced which really set the tone for the rest of the day in the House.

Mood on

As the day started off with such a positive bang, the mood in the House has been upbeat and positive ever since. Everyone has been feeling so festive, singing, dancing and looking alive. There has been quite a lot of flirting too! Princess was once again making a play for Miracle, who openly told her he likes Nina, she then started complaining how all the guys in the House are “taken” apart from Bitto. Vandora and Dee-One have been revving up their evident chemistry all day and Rico has done his best at trying with Ahneeka. Love is most certainly in the Big Brother Naija air.
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You Win Some, You Lose Some

The Housemates were clearly still in high spirits after having won their Wager for the very first time in three weeks. They most likely expected to continue on this path and perhaps further break the chain of loss in the Arena by successfully completing the challenges that stood ahead of them.

Dramatic Games

The night’s games came with their own boat load of drama. Biggie instructed the Housemates to avoid using their usual orange uniform and team up in their outfits, showing the uniqueness of each pair instead. Bamteddy (Bambam, Teddy A) and Rineeka (Rico Swavey, Ahneeka) were automatically disqualified because of their failure to heed these instructions. Thanks to Bamteddy’s not so unique uniqueness and Rineeka’s futile argument and their failed attempt at being a team.

Completely Puzzled

The Housemates failed miserably and weren’t able to complete the last of the four puzzles they were given. So much so that after they’d evacuated the Arena, Biggie had a ninja deliver that bull of a puzzle that eventually proved to have been a piece of ‘nothing’. Even Angel, Mr ‘I completed a puzzle in 56 seconds’ scored a big fat L.

Task Mysteries

The Diary Sessions were pretty short and hovered around the secret tasks given to Lolu, Khloe and each Housemates respectively. Vandora, Ahneeka, K.Brule and Leo managed to shallowly crack the mysterious Task cases and earned themselves a special snack and a few bottles of liquid courage. Lolu and Khloe were made to reveal their tasks too, with Khloe being awarded a big fat win while Lolu walked away with nothing but a bruised ego in addition to the pang on his leg. She too joined the bunch of detectives and was rewarded a snack.

After shaking it up a little bit and hugging it out with Dee-One for his birthday. The Housemates sent themselves to bed.
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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Double Strike For Cee-C and Lolu

It has been a tenuous few days since the reshuffling of pairs but Cee-C and Lolu have finally taken it too far, warranting a double Strike from Biggie.

Breaking Point 

Following a stern address, Cee-C and Lolu have just received two Strikes each. Big Brother also gave instruction for them to be paired together indefinitely.

The fact that Cee-C and Lolu were unhappy about being bonded together was plain as day, but the happenings of yesterday have finally caught up with them. They had a tenuous day with ups and downs, arguments and incontrovertible strain, Cee-C and Lolu literally snapped. The reason was simple; she wanted to sit down and he didn’t. Cee C pulled the sofa towards herself and slumped herself on the couch, to do this however, she released the pair’s harness which literally snapped and Lolu was left worse for wear after the wire recoiled back to him, giving a blow to his thigh. Needless to say, only an explosive argument ensued, and no apologies were issued. This exhibit of defiance is what landed both the Housemates in the proverbial dog box with Biggie giving them both a two-Strike warning. Biggie was not happy saying “ Your actions almost baffle Big Brother.”

Actions and Consequences 

The week’s theme is “Bonding” and Cee-C and Lolu could not have acted in a more paradoxical way, hence the two-Strike warning. This means that if they step one more toe out of line, they will be Disqualified, and ushered out of Biggie’s House for good. The two rambunctious Housemates are now forced to learn how to work together as Biggie has made it clear that they will be a pair indefinitely. In a twist, Biggie has spared their current strategic partners (Tobi and Anto) from the punishment!

Going Forward 

Most of the other 24-hour pairs in the House did their best to adapt to their new situations and for a brief moment, it really looked like Cee-C and Lolu were bonding so why did they let their moods get the better of them? A move will have a huge impact on whether Lolu and Cee-C stay in the House and survive Evictions. Both the Housemates should have tried their best to get through the challenge of being tied together but then again, sometimes you can’t fight the way you feel.

What would have been your reaction if placed the same predicament?
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Housemates Finally Win Their First Wager

Today was a good day for the Housemates, obviously all their effort paid off because they finally won their first Wager.

The Presentation

After days of intently rehearsing their play, Angel egging them on every step of the way, Khloe asserting her authority as HoH and compliance from most of the Housemates, victory was finally theirs. The play was an illustration of a very typical Nigerian situation, something that would happen every day and with gusto, they managed to pull it off. Everyone went the whole hog, from costumes, to music and a clear effort, there was no way the Housemates were losing again. They won their 50% Wager and a roar of ecstatic cheer lit up the room.

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Just before the Housemates found out about their win, Biggie called out Lolu and Cee-C for their obvious bad behaviour. They were both scolded and given a double strike which left many of the other Housemates gobsmacked. As the celebration reigned, both Cee-C and Lolu stood still with dead pan looks on their faces. Shook to their core.

A time of Joy

Aside from the obvious shock over the incident with Lolu and Cee-C the rest of the Housemates were absolutely overjoyed with their win. It was much needed as this is their first time inning a Wager and after two losses in a row, endless challenges and mounting tension, this is the motivation the needed to get their heads back in the game. Khloe was noticeably elated as the Wager was won under her rule as HoH.

What do you think of their win?
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A Night To Remember

Cupid’s arrow aimed right in the hearts of the Housemates, leaving no one unscathed in his wake. As much as there are no average days under Biggie’s rules, this Valentine’s Day beat all the odds.

After a major clash that should have led to their parting, by Biggie’s orders, Cee-C and Lolu remained chained to each other for no other reason than theirs - or rather Cee-C’s capricious disposition and refusal to apologise. The fickle Housemate has proven that she could bend people at will, exhausting everyone along the way except Tobi her on and off flame in the House. Cee-C cussed and hissed yet still had to put up with Lolu whom she silently scapegoated.

As the evening came closer, Biggie instructed the guys to cook their best noodles dishes for their female pairs. It was a really fun exercise as they took it at heart to devise deliciously creative ways to win their Task. They say the stomach is the way to a man’s heart, but last night proved that food made a way to women’s hearts too.  After being feted and sweet-talked to, it is Ifu Ennada who animated the after-dinner hangout, with a drink in hand and the magic of language, she untied more tongues than expected and juicier revelations flooded the living-room.

With Ifu Ennada holding the ropes and Bitto as her accomplice, the two anchored a rather explicitly revealing talk show where Housemates revealed their most intense sexual fantasies. The evening did however come with its own twists and turns. After finally breaking the barriers and kissing, twice might we add; Cebi (Cee-C, Tobi) spiralled down to their old path, with Cee-C throwing her tantrums and Tobi apologetically tailing her. Ahneeka wore her ‘counsellor’ robes and tried to restore peace in the love nest.

With so much happening, will the Housemates ever get in line and strategise as they should? Only time will tell.
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Housemates Tasked To Bring Entertainment

Biggie's Decree

These Housemates have been all-talk and no-action. They have at length discussed the possibility of putting on entertainment shows for the audience but we had not seen any shows until Biggie gave his decree. He told the 24-hour pairs to each put on a show for him, all except for Lolu and Cee-C, who are in the dog box.

The performances

First to the stage was Dee-One and Miracle who had the Housemates in stitches with their game tiko-tiko. Bambam and Tobi put on a musical drama for the Housemates and the camera-men came to the table as they kept showing us Cee-C.

24-hour absence makes the heart grow fonder

Cee-C did not seem impressed to see her man with another woman, she will blame it on her eyesight but we know the truth. She has on many occasions denounced her relationship with Tobi, but if looks could kill, Bambam would be gone. Cee-C is the the perfect example that absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Our advice to Cee-C is that she should not fight cupid's arrow and she should go get her man.

Teddy A sang and rapped while Alex tried to sing. The voice gods may have failed her but she her spirit to do her best and entertain Biggie makes us give her an A+ for the presentation. The great camera-men kept showing us Bambam who looked forlorn, we thought that after bonding with Tobi that she may be over Teddy A, but it seems as though what they have can stand the test of 24-hour separation.

Is love in the air?

The talented Bitto and Ifu Ennada put on a sexy singing and acting presentation. Ifu Ennada has on many occasion commented on Bitto's manhood and yesterday they were kissing all over the House. Could it be that something is brewing in "Bifu" land? These two are great performers so it could all be an act but it being the month of love, we hope they are not playing with our hearts.

Nina sang "All of Me" to K.Brule while Miracle looked at her longingly. For the second part of their presentation K.Brule impersonated the Housemates and got a standing ovation. It was heart-warming to see K.Brule happy. We love this side of him and hope his jumping days are over. 

Chocolate Angel and caramel Rico Swavey looked like a dessert advert as they serenaded the Housemates with their cool sound. Ahneeka and Leo looked like the epitome of a power couple as they prepared for their hip-hop musical presentation.


Princess and Vandora admitted that they bonded over silliness which was evidenced in their hilarious presentation of Housemate impersonations. The silly pair had the House in stitches. This "girl-mance" is really beautiful and we are happy that they found each other and we hope that the claws don't come out and ruin it.

The last group was none other than HoH Khloe and Anto as they gave the guys a memorable show in their bra-lettes and short skirts. Don't you think they looked like the Nigerian version of Beyonce and Nicki Minaj in the "Feelin Myself" music video?

Thank you Biggie for making them entertain us, who was your favourite 24-hour pair?
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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Season Of Love

To mark the week of love and bonding, Biggie instructed Housemates to see the 'good' that lies in the person next to them. Biggie called onto them to be patient, tolerant and mindful of one another, reminding them that a House divided against itself cannot stand.

Biggie had used harnesses to bind Housemates to their partner and they were forbidden from removing it without Biggie's sanction. To push the challenge further, Housemates have to eat, drink, shower and sleep – perform all bodily functions - with the bonds strictly intact for the next 24-hours. And to make it worse, they are not allowed to speak to any other Housemate except the one they are paired with.  

Housemates were given just five minutes to say their final words to the House-at-large. Instinctively old couples reformed as per magic, with Teddy A and Bambam exchanging long smooches, as Ahneeka and Rico hugged intensely, while Anto and Lolu got all demonstrative.  

Well the new pairing made for an interesting mix: Angel and Rico, Bambam and Tobi, Dee-One and Miracle, Princess and Vandora, Bitto and Ifu Ennada, Teddy A and Alex, Leo and Ahneeka, K.Brule and Nina, Khloe and Anto, and Lolu and Cee-C.

Biggie's move proved right almost instantly, as the taciturn Miracle who had not uttered more than a few words a day, became suddenly talkative and animated. As for Ifu Ennada and Bitto, they could barely keep their hands off each other after their first kiss. 
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