Sunday, March 4, 2018

BBNaija 2018 Voting Results For Week Five

Following Sunday's Big Brother Naija 2018 eviction where Angel and Ahneeka were showed the way out of the house, details of how Nigeria voted have emerged.

The 'Ceelo' pair had the highest percentage of voters with 44.67.5%. Lifu and Geelah had 28.37% and 26.97% respectively.

Here is how Nigeria voted:

Ceelo - 44. 67 %

Lifu – 28. 37 %

Gelah - 26.97 %

Princess and Bito had been earlier evicted from the show while K.Brule and Khloe were disqualified after receiving three strikes for provocation.

Henceforth, housemates will be separated from being pairs after the next week.
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Angel & Ahneeka Evicted

Ahneeka burst into the BBNaija House as this sparkling bubble that lit every corner of the room she was in. From the start, her attractive physique caught guys’ attention as much as it raised the girls’ suspicion.

It took her a lot for Housemates to relate to her for Ahneeka’s intimidating confidence was obvious for all to see. Although she made it clear very early on that she was in the House to win and was not looking for a fling, she had to fight tooth and nail to spurn Rico Swavey’s  and Angel’s advances while keeping Bitto’s, Teddy A’s and Tobi’s wandering eyes at bay.

With time and with her impossible to miss poise, Ahneeka was able to win the House with the use of her fatal weapon - her engineer brain power. Gradually she had assumed the discreet role of elder and counsellor as her peers turned to her for advice and strategies. 

It is with Angel whom she was paired with under the Gelah monicker that Ahneeka first won the Arena games. They say it takes two to tango, and surely Angel deserves some credit for this shared victory, for it seemed like he has softened up since entering the House.  

A budding filmmaker, Angel never quite really managed to be liked in the House. His muscleman, know-it-all and telling-it-like-it-is personality brushed a few Housemates the wrong way, which got him side-lined very early on. Slowly and after a few sputters, Angel had started to find his space in the House and let his guards off.

Ahneeka and Angel have left an unfillable void in Biggie's House.
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BBNaija Double Wahala Week 5 Review

This week in the House has been a journey for the Housemates. Let's re cap on some of the highlights on the week that was.

Savage Behaviour

Out of all the things that went down this week, the one thing that caused the biggest ruckus had to be the Pepsi "Roc Da Mat" Challenge. From start to finish it was utter chaos, many of the Housemates were injured during the challenge, other literally posted up camp besides the mats, all in an attempt to win big with Pepsi. Not all the Housemates were into though. Teddy A and Nina protested against the challenge initially and openly vented about their dismay at the savage behaviour they had witnessed during the week. It was definitely wild.

Loving and Loathing 

There has been a lot of romance evolution in the House this week. From Cee-C and Tobi making up and then fighting again to Ahneeka and Angel getting closer and closer. Alex and Leo seem to be a couple but when asked about it in the Diary Room, Leo stated that they were just friends. Miracle and Nina are still going strong, BamBam and Teddy A had a fight this week but still remain loved up.


Tobi took the HoH crown for a third time and this time it actually worked to his benefit as he now has immunity from Eviction tonight. Ahneeka won the Friday Night Games, throwing some girl power in the mix there. The Saturday Night party was a huge success with DJ Neptune absolutely killing it on the decks. 
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Friday, March 2, 2018

Ahneeka Wins The Arena Games!

This week's Friday Night Arena Games were all about girl power with Ahneeka reigning supreme and Ifu Ennada coming in at close second.

The Friday Night Arena Games have been male dominated ever since Double Wahala started but tonight marked the turn of the tide. First it looked as though Ifu Ennada was going to take the title until Ahneeka came through with a bang! She literally stunned everyone when she cremated the Arena Games in less than 2 minutes. None of the guys came close.

There has been a lot of tension in the House of late and tonight it was refreshing to see the Housemates cheering each other on and being super supportive of one another. The Pepsi "Roc Da Mat" challenge definitely brought out some savage behaviour in many of the Housemates so tonight was very much a unifying experience all around.

Ahneeka has been sharpening her game a lot lately, her pairing with Angel has definitely proved to be beneficial as she has found a lot of confidence in herself and also started to plot and scheme alongside her partner in crime. Tonight was just another example of how Gelah are moving from strength to strength as a pair. 

What did you think of Ahneeka's victory? 
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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Housemates Win Their 100% Wager

It has been a gruelling week of rehearsals for the Housemates but after putting on an exquisite presentation of Nigerian art, music and culture this evening it was all worth it after they won their 100% Wager.

This week’s theme was “Art and Music” and the Housemates were required to put on a presentation that embodied and represented this based on Nigerian culture. It is no secret that the Housemates have been a bit reckless in the past with their Tasks but tonight they really stole the show. It contained everything from theatre and music to dance and art, all in a unique and significant Nigerian manner, their performance made you proud to be African.

Even though everyone did their best and it all came together really well in the end, there were some Housemates that really outdid themselves. Nina and Teddy A were the undisputable stars of the show with their presentation of music. Performing songs in English and Pidgin, Nina was a mesmerising African Goddess and Teddy A held you captive with his presence and beautiful voice. Angel and Ahneeka were an absolute vision in their jungle themed outfits and even though their presentation was shot and sweet, it was one to remember.

The Housemates may have won their Wager but Biggie was still firm in his verdict that he was not entirely impressed with their behaviour this week. Big brother also made it known that next week will also be a full 100% Wager for the Housemates so they better not drop the ball.

This week’s Task Presentation was a celebration of Nigerian heritage and culture – Who was your favourite pair?  
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Monday, February 26, 2018

Nominations: 3 Pairs Up For Eviction (Week 5)

Three-times Head of House winner Tobi was called in the Diary Room to give Biggie the names of the two pairs he and his partner Alex would Nominate. When he sat in the chair, Tobi asked if he only had to name two pairs, as if there was another name on his lips. 

Behind closed doors, a member of each pair was called into the room to deliver their verdicts. Nominations always seem to be a gruelling exercise for as weeks by, Housemates grow closer and fonder.  

While some like Angel, Anto and Teddy A uttered their Nominees in one breath, for others like Bambam, Lolu and Ifu had a much tougher time. Lolu shared that he was aware to have been Nominated every single time, while Bambam dreaded hearing Biggie’s questions and confessed with her eyes shut that she ‘hated it’.   

Except from the Head of House pair Tolex (Tobi and Alex) and Tena (Teddy A and Nina) all the remaining pairs were Nominated. As the leaders, Biggie called upon Alex and Tobi to go to the glass booth and decide on who to Save and who to Replace.  

After fourty-five seconds of keeping the House in suspense, the Ruling pair were back to announce their choice. Bluntly Tobi announced that he was Saving Bamco (Bambam and Rico) and putting Ceelo (Cee-C and Lolu) with Lifu (Leo and Ifu) and Gelah (Angel and Ahneeka) up for possible eviction this week.

Perhaps tonight's biggest surprise came when Tobi threw Cee-C under the bus by Nominating her pair for Eviction. Who would have thought that Tobi would dump her so quickly and so publicly?
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Tobi Becomes Head Of House For The Third Time

Last night's Live Show saw Cee-C, Miracle, Anto and Tobi were the ones who qualified to compete for this week's HoH, all four are strong contenders but only one reigned supreme.

Last week was a winning one for Miracle who managed to accumulate every kind of Big Brother Naija accolade there was but it seems Tobi has come along and put that spell. Tobi bowed gracefully after his fellow Housemates cheered him on in good faith, ever the sportsman.

Cee-C really seems like the kind of woman who would relish in the position of HoH, however, when her turn came to go, she literally put no effort into game. It was almost as if she didn’t care at all or as though she was trying to lose which is strange. She seemed slightly bitter at Tobi's win, waltzing around the garden saying that "Biggie is boring".

This will be the third HoH win for Tobi but this time it will actually count. His previous wins were cool but there were no Evictions, now, his HoH win will ensure his immunity from being Evicted on Sunday. Looks like the golden boy will be shining on our screens for at least another two weeks.

Do you think Tobi will make a good HoH third time around? 
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Friday, February 23, 2018

Surprise Nominations

Biggie unwrapped another surprise for Housemates and gave them half an hour to come up with the names of their two preferred Pairs. Well Nominating four people altogether was no small feat for the divided House, as sizzles and sputters have plagued them over the past couple of days.

Upon receiving Biggie’s instructions, Housemates left the lounge in Pairs to retreat in a different area of the House and strategize. The hardest part for them was to leave grievances aside and come together on a common set of names. Ever since Biggie’s most recent reshuffling, Housemates are not gelling together like they used to, and they have to work much harder at building consensus to work together.

I love you

A voluble Alex started talking only for Tobi to hush her and pull her aside from eavesdroppers to a corner of the sofa. It was Tobi from the Tolex (Tobi and Alex) pair who chose Mito (Miracle and Anto) and Tena (Teddy A and Nina). He made no attempt to try and salvage his ladylove Cee-C who is paired with Lolu (Ceelo). In the upper bedroom, Lolu tried his utmost to pacify an embittered Cee-C from her early catfight with Ifu. As usual, Cee-C wouldn’t let go yet they managed to agree on Mito and Bamco (Bambam and Rico) before talking at cross purposes again. 

Me Neither

The Head of House Pair Mito (Miracle and Anto) retired to the luxury suite, emerging from their closed session with Bamco and Gelah (Angel and Ahneeka) on their lips. Here again Miracle made no effort to try and save his squeeze Nina, but their decision may have been influenced by Miracle’s disregard of Teddy A. Likewise, Nina and Teddy moved to the closet and put forward the names of Tolex and Gelah. Neither Nina nor Teddy named as preferred Housemates their love interests - Bambam and Miracle.

Yet in the kitchen, as Rico was grating carrots with Bambam by her sides slicing potatoes for dinner, they casually dropped the names of Gelah and Tena, if only for Teddy A. While Lifu (Leo and Ifu) came together pretty easily on Bamco and Tena, and Tena picked Tolex and Gelah. Representing Gelah, Ahneeka named Tena and Mito. 

At the end, to keep the suspense, Biggie informed them that the results would only be made known after the live Eviction show. Tune in on Sunday at 7pm WAT for the results.
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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Midnight Search

The Housemates seem to have adjusted quite well to their Parenting Task, some more than others but it has surely made them realise what parent-hood is all about. After Bambam was given a Secret Task by Big Brother, the House came to a standstill when Mito (Miracle and Anto) realised that their baby was missing.

It was inevitable that there’d be accusations and suspects at the realisation that the baby was missing. The axe, unfortunately, fell onto Alex who was highly offended that Miracle had accused her. The look on Miracle’s face was that of obvious sadness but the determination to find his baby kept him going.

After hours of going up and down looking for baby ‘Chidera’, Miracle finally asked some of the Housemates for help, while the mother of the baby, Anto, wasn’t part of the search. Having searched the entire House, the final place to search was the Housemates’ bags, which he asked for permission and they agreed.

The search team which consisted of Teddy A, Lolu, Miracle and Rico Swavey was hard at work leaving no bag unturned. It wasn’t long before Lolu found the baby inside Bambam’s bag. She, of course, denied knowing anything about the baby ending up inside her bag.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bambam Steals Miracle and Anto's Baby

It all started earlier this evening during the Diary Sessions when Biggie gave BamBam a Secret Task that would have a huge effect on their Wager.

The Task 

Biggie used the Diary sessions to ask all the Housemates about their parenting experiences but when BamBam entered he added some spice to the mix. Her Secret Task was to steal one of the other Housemate’s babies and hide it so that it could not be found. Biggie told her that this would have a big impact on the Wager and that she must not fail. Even though BamBam was extremely nervous at the premise, fail she did not.


All was calm and well in the House until the cries rang out and everyone sprang to attention, it was only then that Anto and Miracle noticed that one of their three babies has gone missing. They jumped into action fast and searched the entire House. Anto pleaded with Biggie even stated that she knew they had been neglectful. It did not matter at all and Miracle tried to go to the Diary Room sheepishly but with no success.

The Accused

After freaking out and combing through the House, it was only natural that the accusing would start. In a bizarre Turn, Miracle confronted Alex of all people and asked her to stare him in the eye and tell him that she didn’t take his baby girl. She of course denied the allegations and was utterly offended at the prospect.

Al the responsibility has fallen o the guys in the House per Biggie’s orders so do you think Miracle will find his missing baby girl? 
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No Smoking Or Drinking In The House

Yesterday, some new rules were thrown into the mix for the Housemates and Biggie has decided to bring responsibility to the fore for everyone.

In Biggie’s words, this week is “all about being responsible adults” and even though all the Housemates are adults they have had to be scolded by Biggie many times for behaving badly. From cleaning up after themselves to provocation, there have definitely been some childish moments among them. As Miracle told the Housemates that they could not swear this week, a look of shock spread through the room. It is a known fact that many of the Housemates drop verbal bombs left, right and centre and having Waged 50% this week, the Housemates will have to be vigilant. A swear jar has been provided and a BB coin will have to be put in the jar for each swear word.

Last week the Housemates spent much of their Wager on cigarettes and alcohol but this will have to go out the window this week as Biggie has said that no smoking or drinking in the House this week.

Conspiring which has proved to be one of the Housemates favourite activities is going to be very difficult now that hushed tones and whispering have also been banned this week. This has already proven t be difficult in the case of Miracle and Anto who were speaking in low tones about Nina and her jealousy upstairs, Nina actually over heard them and told them to stop gossiping about her. 

Do you think the Housemates will be able to handle the new rules? 
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tobi Walks Out On Cee-C

It looks like this new pairing is deepening the crack on the Cee-C and Tobi wall and it doesn’t look good at all for the love birds. Remember what we said about not being surprised if Tobi apologises for simply playing his game and mingling with his new partner? Well, if this was a bet, we would have lost all our Nairas because Tobi just wasn’t about that life.

Go On and Mingle

Considering the fact that Biggie had already announced that should Cee-C and Lolu survive Eviction, their pairing would be officialised while the other Housemates are afforded a chance at a reshuffle. It seems as though Cee-C and Tobi would get to maintain their ‘rosy’ while playing their individual games, simply because they seemed to have understood the new dynamics.

Tobi’s behaviour suggested a tolerance for Cee-C and Lolu’s new found friendship Pre-Strike. Though she felt like she had to constantly force her two cents about Tobi’s own friendships with Housemates either than herself in, he said absolutely nothing about Lolu being her confidante and late-night gist mate.

No He didn't!

Fast forward to today; Tobi had a certain bounce about him and exerted a different kind of energy, the type we never saw when he was still glued to Cee-C by the hip both romantically and strategically. It isn’t careless to conclude that the boy felt he’d escaped a leash, following the other Housemates’ comments about him being disconnected from the game because of his relationship with Cee-C and having Bitto go as far as referring to him as Samson and to Cee-C as Delilah; We all know what that implied, or not? He made it look like choosing another partner was the best thing that could have happened to him and just as you guessed it, Cee-C smelt it from afar.

Could It be The End? 

While they were having a conversation about the post-pairing events, Cee-C voiced out her grievances about his apparent change in behaviour and for the first time ever, Tobi was just not for it. She went on to tell him to not forget where he came from, low-key reminding him of their very restricted relationship. He wasn’t too impressed though because he walked away without uttering the usual ‘babes I’m sorry’. This didn’t sit well with the queen, who then followed her man and almost demanded that they speak. He did oblige but the conversation went south real quick, forcing Tobi to walk away once again, clearly irritated by Cee-C’s single dimensional explanations. Not even her apology could make him stay.

She tried to get Alex to talk to him, mentioning how she’d gone against her father’s wishes by getting attached to someone in the House and that should there not be a resolution by tonight, there wouldn’t be any going back. Alex did try to intervene but it looks like Tobi has thrown the towel and is willing to let ‘Cebi’ cease to exist. Only time will tell Whether he’ll go back to his apologetic ways or not, but there certainly wont be any sleep tonight for queen Cee-C. A woman scorned they say.  
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