Saturday, February 10, 2018

Ahneeka & Teddy A Almost Come To Blows

Maybe it was the cabin fever or the fact that they are both sore losers but Teddy A and Ahneeka had a raging argument late last night that was nothing short of explosive.

Dropping Bombs

Everyone seemed extremely riled up after the Arena Games, the energy was flowing high and Biggie even came to aid by providing some beer for the Housemates. Before the first sip had been taken, voices were raised in the House and it was evident that a social bomb had gone off. Ahneeka and Teddy A began exchanging nasty words and then shouting and swearing at each other in front of everyone. Everyone was perplexed as to what caused this outrage and Angel, who was obviously still high off of his Arena Game victory, gently took Ahneeka outside to address the issue.

Actions and Consequences

The cause of the argument was due to the fact that Biggie had called Ahneeka "cocky" during the Arena Games, when she mentioned it to Teddy A he proclaimed that she had called him "cocky" before. He then asked her for her definition of the insult and things just spiralled out of control. After Teddy A told Ahneeka she was being "silly" it was as if he had pinched her most sensitive nerve, the visibly upset Housemate was frazzled and after a few hotly exchanged swear words they quickly went their separate ways to cool off.

Scattered Opinions

After the two hot headed Housemates parted ways, Angel began his counselling session with Ahneeka, her claims were that he did not know how to treat women and she disliked the way he treated BamBam. Angel agreed but also tried to calm her down by saying that everyone was entitled to their opinions. Rico Swavey then went to his partner's aid and with his deep, calm voice, he began to tell her that even though Teddy A was out of line, she should not have lost her cool so intensely. Ahneeka explained that she just wanted to win for both of them. 

Was it possibly her own ego that was bruised by not completing the games or did his actions warrant her outburst? 

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