Saturday, February 10, 2018

Angel Conquers The Arena

Angel was the clear winner of last night's Arena Games, while most of the other Housemates struggled to even finish, the expressive Housemate was the clear winner in under a minute.

Physical and Mental

Friday night's Task was both a physical and mental test, after a classic obstacle course, the Housemates had to decipher a puzzle that left most of them dumbfounded. Most of the Housemates did not struggle at all with the physical part of the Games, apart from Ifu Ennada who clearly made absolutely no effort.

Close Contender

The reality was that most of the Housemates could not crazk the puzzle at the very end of the Arena Games, so it was a true accomplishment that Angel was able to do it in under a minute. The only Housemate who came close was Teddy A. He completed the Task in just over two minutes everyone thought he had won until Angel stunned everyone.

Post-Game Banter

Clearly the Games got everyone riled up because the aftermath was really loud. Khloe could be seen in the living room screaming. Ahneeka and Teddy A had an altercation and Angel who was obviously feeling himself, tried to step in and quell Ahneeka's rage.


What did you think of this week's games, was Angel's win a shock?

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