Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bambam Steals Miracle and Anto's Baby

It all started earlier this evening during the Diary Sessions when Biggie gave BamBam a Secret Task that would have a huge effect on their Wager.

The Task 

Biggie used the Diary sessions to ask all the Housemates about their parenting experiences but when BamBam entered he added some spice to the mix. Her Secret Task was to steal one of the other Housemate’s babies and hide it so that it could not be found. Biggie told her that this would have a big impact on the Wager and that she must not fail. Even though BamBam was extremely nervous at the premise, fail she did not.


All was calm and well in the House until the cries rang out and everyone sprang to attention, it was only then that Anto and Miracle noticed that one of their three babies has gone missing. They jumped into action fast and searched the entire House. Anto pleaded with Biggie even stated that she knew they had been neglectful. It did not matter at all and Miracle tried to go to the Diary Room sheepishly but with no success.

The Accused

After freaking out and combing through the House, it was only natural that the accusing would start. In a bizarre Turn, Miracle confronted Alex of all people and asked her to stare him in the eye and tell him that she didn’t take his baby girl. She of course denied the allegations and was utterly offended at the prospect.

Al the responsibility has fallen o the guys in the House per Biggie’s orders so do you think Miracle will find his missing baby girl? 

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