Thursday, February 1, 2018

How The Housemates Have Been Paired

In a juicy twist during last evening's Task, Big Brother put the Housemates into pairs for an extra dose of BBNaija Double Wahala. See the pairs below...

Now that all the Housemates have been put into pairs, the dynamic of the House is beginning to shift. Some pairs were obvious choices while others were a complete surprise, how will these unlikely matches pan out?

While Tobi and Cee-C, Ifu Ennada and Angel seem quite confident and steadfast in their power house pairings, others are not so sure. Housemates who were not even low key friends have now been paired up permanently and it's downright bizarre.

After Ahneeka's rejection from Dee-One, she was left with only one choice, the young Rico Swavey. They both took it into their strides but since the announcement neither of them have made any effort to even talk to one another. As this was a Task of strategic alliance, Rico Swavey and Ahneeka are doing very little to form the ties that bond.

It's a similar situation for Bambam and Teddy A, they have yet to even exchange words since the pairing and Bambam has not been quiet at all about her feelings, telling almost anyone who will listen that she regrets choosing Teddy A. What does this mean for the Housemates in question? Strategy is everything in Big Brother so best they get their ducks in a row.

Later on this full moon night, Rico, Ifu Ennada, K.Brule and Lolu held a pity party in the kitchen. Since birds of the same feather flock together, they talked at length about the rawness and hardship they had experienced in their lives. The four night owls seemed to relish in the moment, until Lolu lost it and cussed out. There is no going back for these hungry birds.

With the pairing Twist, the Housemates live and die by who they are paired with. Not only can they win and lose Tasks together but they will also be Nominated and Evicted together.

The Pairs

1. Tobi & Cee-C 

2. Lolu & Anto 

3. Angel & Ifu Ennada 

4. Leo & Alex 

5. Teddy A & Bambam 

6. Dee-One & Vandora 

7. Bitto & Princess 

8. Miracle & Nina 

9. K.Brule & Khloe 

10. Rico Swavey & Ahneeka

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