Monday, February 12, 2018

Khloe Scoops The Head of House Title

K_Square (Khloe, K.Brule), probably the most controversial pair in the House thanks to loud and free Khloe whose had more drama during her stay in the House than the other Housemates put together and running over; so it's no surprise that the other Housemate low key feel indifferent about her newly acquired robes or reign.

The Win

The Head of House challenge came with its own boxed lump of controversy. Firstly, it was probably meant to be a comeback for some of the Housemates and evidence of superiority for the former HoH pair Cebi (Cee-C, Tobi) but it proves to be a stepping stone for 'we're cool now, I dislike you later' pair K_Square. The controversy has unfortunately for them cracked their strategic wall and undermined their individualities; K.Brule's tenderness and Khloe's strong will and identity. However, when Khloe 'holed' the ball and had her 'chances' account credited while there were game threatening 'debits' in those of Bambam, who was certain that they'd lift the trophy, and Ifu Ennada who just wanted to win it for her team; there was a visible clenching of muscles with the other Housemates. Either way, the throne has been earned, against all odds. 

Self Made

It's safe to say that Khloe had more of a point to prove than anybody else in the House and she hinted that when shaking her life away in order to qualify for the HoH challenge. Although she wasn't the only one that shook for victory, she's definitely the one that threw for the reigns and bagged the glory, delivering a handless slap in the face of her adversary.

What May Happen

Even from a distant, a man suffering with problematic senses would have been able to smell the other Housemates' discomfort.  This further proves just how much the dynamics are to change, completely so. From being the black sheep of the House to being the herder, there are bound to be clashes that could potentially undermine Khloe's authority, forcing her to possibly brawl out instead of holding out; especially because the throne brought immunity with it. Now that the Housemates are aware of the realness of the upcoming Nominations and consequent Evictions, the notion of immunity is now more important than it ever was and the fact that it rests in K.Square's hands, Housemates go vex, if not already. 

Right after the victory, Khloe blurted "let me save my friends' out so loud, fourth floor inhabitants heard her and just between us, that stunt was deliberate and directed at her haters; those that keep  calling her nice 'but'.  If the train was acceleration a thousand mile an hour, it's now flying at a million a second. How the next Nominations are gonna unfold rests in the palms of time. 

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