Monday, February 19, 2018

Miracle Bags The HoH Title

It’s not easy to tell whether having less competition for the HoH challenge has made it easier for the Housemates to sharpen the tips of their arrows and aim for the coveted title or this turn of events has intensified the game so much that acquiring this immunity coated piece of cake wouldn’t be a piece of cake.

The qualified contenders Ifu Ennada, Alex, Leo and Miracle all borrowed hawk eyes and had them fiercely piercing the throne with the hopes of seizing the golden brick for their pair and bag immunity. The game was random and pretty much luck based. It seems as though being a pilot paid off as the stars aligned and the clouds conspired in Miracle’s favour, pouring luck and having him snatch the high seat from under all their noses.

It must be a Miracle because by the looks of things, the other Housemates were certain that Miracle and Nina would be Evicted on ‘weak link’ grounds. Afterall, they were the least of everybody’s worries in terms of strategic strength and external support, but when the fateful announcements were made, Mina’s resistance shook the House. Now that Miracle has landed HoH, he seems to have become more of a threat and those that thought very little of him seem to be drawing in for possible alliances.

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