Wednesday, February 21, 2018

No Smoking Or Drinking In The House

Yesterday, some new rules were thrown into the mix for the Housemates and Biggie has decided to bring responsibility to the fore for everyone.

In Biggie’s words, this week is “all about being responsible adults” and even though all the Housemates are adults they have had to be scolded by Biggie many times for behaving badly. From cleaning up after themselves to provocation, there have definitely been some childish moments among them. As Miracle told the Housemates that they could not swear this week, a look of shock spread through the room. It is a known fact that many of the Housemates drop verbal bombs left, right and centre and having Waged 50% this week, the Housemates will have to be vigilant. A swear jar has been provided and a BB coin will have to be put in the jar for each swear word.

Last week the Housemates spent much of their Wager on cigarettes and alcohol but this will have to go out the window this week as Biggie has said that no smoking or drinking in the House this week.

Conspiring which has proved to be one of the Housemates favourite activities is going to be very difficult now that hushed tones and whispering have also been banned this week. This has already proven t be difficult in the case of Miracle and Anto who were speaking in low tones about Nina and her jealousy upstairs, Nina actually over heard them and told them to stop gossiping about her. 

Do you think the Housemates will be able to handle the new rules? 

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