Monday, February 12, 2018

Nominations: 8 Pairs Up For Eviction This Week

Monday night saw the first Nomination show yet on Big Brother Naija 'Double Wahala' and it was definitely one to remember. As we all watched with bated breath, each pair representative walked into the Diary Room and spoke their truth.

Many were emeotional, some looked relieved and other seemed not to really care at all but after a nail biting 30 minutes the results were in:

Mina: BamTeddy and Loto
Vandee: Mina and Cebi
Pritto: Cebi and Mina
Rineeka: Mina and Loto
BamTeddy: Loto and Mina
Loto: Cebi and Mina
LeoLex: AngelIfu and Mina
AngelIfu: Cebi and Mina
K_Square: VanDee and Cebi
Cebi: VanDee and Loto

Plot Twist

As the Housemates gathered in the living room, looking tense and rather glum, Biggie's voice boomed through the House and they awaited their unknown fate. That is when, in true Big Brother style, he threw in a twist and told the Housemates that none of their Nominations mattered anyway. Due to their bad manners and disregard for Big Brother's House rules, they would all be up for Nomination. All but Queen Khloe and her partner K.Brule, as HoH, Khloe was allowed to save one pair, she chose LeoLex (Leo & Alex) and we all know why.

The following pairs are up for possible Eviction this week

1. AngelIfu (Angel & Ifu Ennada)

2. BamTeddy (Bambam & Teddy A)

3. Cebi (Cee-C & Tobi) 

4. Loto (Anto & Lolu) 

5. Mina (Miracle & Nina)

6. Pritto (Princess & Bitto)

7. Rineeka (Rico Swavey & Ahneeka) 

8. Van-Dee (Vandora & Dee-One) 

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