Saturday, February 17, 2018

Showered With Love

What a week it's been so far, with all the Nominations, Wager wins, Double Strikes and Arena Game losses - There also happened to be three Birthdays in the House this week.

Alex turns 22

Alex just happened to have her big day in the same day that the Housemates won their first ever Wager so it was celebrations all round in the Big Brother Naija House. In true Biggie style she received a cake on the morning of her birthday and the Housemates went into a full blown creaming competition, smashing cake into each other’s faces and having a god time. Later that night they proceeded to win their Wager and were rewarded, but due to Cee-C and Lolu’s Double Strike, there was a mixed mood in the House. The Birthday girl was asleep early and then became a source of support to the stressed out Lolu which the other Housemates were surprised by seeing as though they were all drinking and being merry.

Showered with Love

The funny guy and the charmer shared a birthday today and after a bit of a lay in this morning, Biggie promptly woke them up and instructed they go outside. Maybe it was the vibe in the House or the excitement for the party tonight that had everyone so riled up but everyone attempted to tie the guys down and hose them full force. It was all laughs and smiles while Miracle and Dee-One were literally getting drenched and following their impromptu shower, Biggie also gave them two cakes. The Housemates all sang and danced which really set the tone for the rest of the day in the House.

Mood on

As the day started off with such a positive bang, the mood in the House has been upbeat and positive ever since. Everyone has been feeling so festive, singing, dancing and looking alive. There has been quite a lot of flirting too! Princess was once again making a play for Miracle, who openly told her he likes Nina, she then started complaining how all the guys in the House are “taken” apart from Bitto. Vandora and Dee-One have been revving up their evident chemistry all day and Rico has done his best at trying with Ahneeka. Love is most certainly in the Big Brother Naija air.

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