Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Midnight Search

The Housemates seem to have adjusted quite well to their Parenting Task, some more than others but it has surely made them realise what parent-hood is all about. After Bambam was given a Secret Task by Big Brother, the House came to a standstill when Mito (Miracle and Anto) realised that their baby was missing.

It was inevitable that there’d be accusations and suspects at the realisation that the baby was missing. The axe, unfortunately, fell onto Alex who was highly offended that Miracle had accused her. The look on Miracle’s face was that of obvious sadness but the determination to find his baby kept him going.

After hours of going up and down looking for baby ‘Chidera’, Miracle finally asked some of the Housemates for help, while the mother of the baby, Anto, wasn’t part of the search. Having searched the entire House, the final place to search was the Housemates’ bags, which he asked for permission and they agreed.

The search team which consisted of Teddy A, Lolu, Miracle and Rico Swavey was hard at work leaving no bag unturned. It wasn’t long before Lolu found the baby inside Bambam’s bag. She, of course, denied knowing anything about the baby ending up inside her bag.

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