Monday, February 26, 2018

Tobi Becomes Head Of House For The Third Time

Last night's Live Show saw Cee-C, Miracle, Anto and Tobi were the ones who qualified to compete for this week's HoH, all four are strong contenders but only one reigned supreme.

Last week was a winning one for Miracle who managed to accumulate every kind of Big Brother Naija accolade there was but it seems Tobi has come along and put that spell. Tobi bowed gracefully after his fellow Housemates cheered him on in good faith, ever the sportsman.

Cee-C really seems like the kind of woman who would relish in the position of HoH, however, when her turn came to go, she literally put no effort into game. It was almost as if she didn’t care at all or as though she was trying to lose which is strange. She seemed slightly bitter at Tobi's win, waltzing around the garden saying that "Biggie is boring".

This will be the third HoH win for Tobi but this time it will actually count. His previous wins were cool but there were no Evictions, now, his HoH win will ensure his immunity from being Evicted on Sunday. Looks like the golden boy will be shining on our screens for at least another two weeks.

Do you think Tobi will make a good HoH third time around? 

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  1. Yes, I know He will be a good HoH.U see now that the Spell that Cee C put for Tobi is no longer working for her.