Saturday, February 17, 2018

You Win Some, You Lose Some

The Housemates were clearly still in high spirits after having won their Wager for the very first time in three weeks. They most likely expected to continue on this path and perhaps further break the chain of loss in the Arena by successfully completing the challenges that stood ahead of them.

Dramatic Games

The night’s games came with their own boat load of drama. Biggie instructed the Housemates to avoid using their usual orange uniform and team up in their outfits, showing the uniqueness of each pair instead. Bamteddy (Bambam, Teddy A) and Rineeka (Rico Swavey, Ahneeka) were automatically disqualified because of their failure to heed these instructions. Thanks to Bamteddy’s not so unique uniqueness and Rineeka’s futile argument and their failed attempt at being a team.

Completely Puzzled

The Housemates failed miserably and weren’t able to complete the last of the four puzzles they were given. So much so that after they’d evacuated the Arena, Biggie had a ninja deliver that bull of a puzzle that eventually proved to have been a piece of ‘nothing’. Even Angel, Mr ‘I completed a puzzle in 56 seconds’ scored a big fat L.

Task Mysteries

The Diary Sessions were pretty short and hovered around the secret tasks given to Lolu, Khloe and each Housemates respectively. Vandora, Ahneeka, K.Brule and Leo managed to shallowly crack the mysterious Task cases and earned themselves a special snack and a few bottles of liquid courage. Lolu and Khloe were made to reveal their tasks too, with Khloe being awarded a big fat win while Lolu walked away with nothing but a bruised ego in addition to the pang on his leg. She too joined the bunch of detectives and was rewarded a snack.

After shaking it up a little bit and hugging it out with Dee-One for his birthday. The Housemates sent themselves to bed.

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