Friday, March 2, 2018

Ahneeka Wins The Arena Games!

This week's Friday Night Arena Games were all about girl power with Ahneeka reigning supreme and Ifu Ennada coming in at close second.

The Friday Night Arena Games have been male dominated ever since Double Wahala started but tonight marked the turn of the tide. First it looked as though Ifu Ennada was going to take the title until Ahneeka came through with a bang! She literally stunned everyone when she cremated the Arena Games in less than 2 minutes. None of the guys came close.

There has been a lot of tension in the House of late and tonight it was refreshing to see the Housemates cheering each other on and being super supportive of one another. The Pepsi "Roc Da Mat" challenge definitely brought out some savage behaviour in many of the Housemates so tonight was very much a unifying experience all around.

Ahneeka has been sharpening her game a lot lately, her pairing with Angel has definitely proved to be beneficial as she has found a lot of confidence in herself and also started to plot and scheme alongside her partner in crime. Tonight was just another example of how Gelah are moving from strength to strength as a pair. 

What did you think of Ahneeka's victory? 

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