Sunday, March 4, 2018

Angel & Ahneeka Evicted

Ahneeka burst into the BBNaija House as this sparkling bubble that lit every corner of the room she was in. From the start, her attractive physique caught guys’ attention as much as it raised the girls’ suspicion.

It took her a lot for Housemates to relate to her for Ahneeka’s intimidating confidence was obvious for all to see. Although she made it clear very early on that she was in the House to win and was not looking for a fling, she had to fight tooth and nail to spurn Rico Swavey’s  and Angel’s advances while keeping Bitto’s, Teddy A’s and Tobi’s wandering eyes at bay.

With time and with her impossible to miss poise, Ahneeka was able to win the House with the use of her fatal weapon - her engineer brain power. Gradually she had assumed the discreet role of elder and counsellor as her peers turned to her for advice and strategies. 

It is with Angel whom she was paired with under the Gelah monicker that Ahneeka first won the Arena games. They say it takes two to tango, and surely Angel deserves some credit for this shared victory, for it seemed like he has softened up since entering the House.  

A budding filmmaker, Angel never quite really managed to be liked in the House. His muscleman, know-it-all and telling-it-like-it-is personality brushed a few Housemates the wrong way, which got him side-lined very early on. Slowly and after a few sputters, Angel had started to find his space in the House and let his guards off.

Ahneeka and Angel have left an unfillable void in Biggie's House.

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