Thursday, March 1, 2018

Housemates Win Their 100% Wager

It has been a gruelling week of rehearsals for the Housemates but after putting on an exquisite presentation of Nigerian art, music and culture this evening it was all worth it after they won their 100% Wager.

This week’s theme was “Art and Music” and the Housemates were required to put on a presentation that embodied and represented this based on Nigerian culture. It is no secret that the Housemates have been a bit reckless in the past with their Tasks but tonight they really stole the show. It contained everything from theatre and music to dance and art, all in a unique and significant Nigerian manner, their performance made you proud to be African.

Even though everyone did their best and it all came together really well in the end, there were some Housemates that really outdid themselves. Nina and Teddy A were the undisputable stars of the show with their presentation of music. Performing songs in English and Pidgin, Nina was a mesmerising African Goddess and Teddy A held you captive with his presence and beautiful voice. Angel and Ahneeka were an absolute vision in their jungle themed outfits and even though their presentation was shot and sweet, it was one to remember.

The Housemates may have won their Wager but Biggie was still firm in his verdict that he was not entirely impressed with their behaviour this week. Big brother also made it known that next week will also be a full 100% Wager for the Housemates so they better not drop the ball.

This week’s Task Presentation was a celebration of Nigerian heritage and culture – Who was your favourite pair?  

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  1. Every season for the last few seasons when a favorite house guest is in danger of going he or she always wins HOH or POV and if not that there given a special power or twist happens to save them, last it's been know production ties the hands of house guests so there force to vote out certain house guests over other house guests.

    This show is becoming more and more rigged with each passing season.

    Also they casting the same types of house guests season after season young and almost never anyone over 40 and for the last few season there always one house guest who related to a past house guest from a past season Big Brother . The show is on life support but enough viewers keep watching it so it keeps returning season after season.

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